The clock on the Elizabeth Tower (more commonly known as "Big Ben") has a minute hand which is 14 feet long, and a 9 foot long hour hand.

(a) Suppose that at 10:55 pm, a butterfly lands on the minute hand, halfway between the tip and the center of the clock, and a mosquito lands on the end of the minute hand. The butterfly takes off at 11:25 pm, and the mosquito takes off at 11:30 pm. How many feet did the butterfly and mosquito travel while on the clock? (Hint: Start by drawing a picture of the situation.)

The butterfly traveled feet.
The mosquito traveled feet.

(b) If, also at 10:55 pm, a ladybug lands on the end of the hour hand, and takes off at 11:40 pm, how many feet did the ladybug travel while on the clock? feet.