A ferris wheel 80 meters in diameter is boarded at its lowest point (6 O'Clock) from a platform that is 10 meters above ground. The wheel makes one full rotation every 20 minutes, and at time you are at the loading platform (6 O'Clock). Let denote your height above ground in meters after minutes.

(a) What is the period of the function ?
period = Include units in your answer.

(b) What is the midline of the function ?
Include units in your answer.

(c) What is the amplitude of the function ?
amplitude = Include units in your answer.

(d) Consider the six possible graphs of below. Be sure to enlarge each graph and carefully read the labels on the axes in order distinguish the key features of each graph.

Which (if any) of the graphs A-F represents two full revolutions of the ferris wheel described above?

A   B   C
D   E   F