A section of highway has a 65 mph speed limit. If you are caught speeding between 66 and 84 mph, your fine is $ 60 plus $3 for every mile over 65 mph. For 85 mph and higher, your fine is $ 175 plus $5 for every mile per hour over 85. For this problem, assume your car can reach a maximum speed of 120 mph (although we don't encourage you to drive that fast.)

a) How much would you be fined if you were caught traveling
i) 70 mph? dollars
ii) 95 mph? dollars

b) What is the difference of the speeding ticket cost if you are caught going 84 mph versus 85 mph? Note: Your answer should be positive.

c) Write a function where represents the cost of the ticket and represents the speed.


d) Which of the following graphs represents this situation?

A   B   C

(Click on a graph to enlarge it)

e) What are the domain and range in the graph of the cost function from part b)? Remember we are assuming your car can reach a maximum speed of 120 mph.